New Production: THE PAST – Premiere 7. November 2014 in Hellerau

The new production THE PAST by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark and Oscar Bianchi will have it’s world premiere on 7. November 2014 in HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden. One additional show will be performed on 8. November 2014 in Hellerau.


Tickets for the performances in Hellerau can be booked here:

The Berlin premiere will be on 27. November 2014 in Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Berlin. Additional shows will be on 29. & 30. November & 1. December 2014.

Tickets for the performances in Schaubühne, Berlin can be booked here:

THE PAST is a production by Constanza Macras | DorkyPark and HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden in coproduction with Schaubühne Berlin. Funded through the Doppelpass program by Kulturstiftung des Bundes. With the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.


THE PAST explores the art of memory, or ars memoriae, in which memories are particularly strongly associated with physical locations, rooms and architecture. The starting point is the city as a concrete geographical location, as an anchor for memory, a mental picture and a cast of mind. What happens with our memories, what happens to those who are remembering when these physical places are destroyed? Constanza Macras talked to eyewitnesses who can remember cities that no longer exist in the same form today. The actions in the piece refer to the ancient techniques of ars memoriae, whereby in order to recall the thing to be remembered, we first have to find and organise our impressions. At the heart of this mnemonic technique is spatial orientation. How do we use rooms and places to remember?

The piece explores architectonic places as narrative instruments of our history – in the rewriting of history, for overcoming the wounds of the past, and for understanding contemporary events (personal and global) as part of a constant cycle that we experience as the passing of time. With music composed specially for the piece by Oscar Bianchi, THE PAST delves into collective and individual memory.

Director & Choreographer: Constanza Macras
Composition & Music: Oscar Bianchi
Dramaturgy: Carmen Mehnert

By and with: Louis Becker, Emil Bordás, Fernanda Farah, Luc Guiol, Miako Klein, Nile Koetting, Johanna Lemke, Ana Mondini, Felix Saalmann, Miki Shoji, Michael Weilacher

Light: Sergio Pessanha
Sound: Stephan Wöhrmann
Stage: Laura Gamberg // Chika Takabayashi
Stage Mangager: Welko Funke
Technical Director: Kai Kaden // Welko Funke

Costume Design: Alison Saunders
Costume Assistance: Daphna Munz

Assitant Director: Felipe Amaya, Nikoletta Fischer
Hospitants: Lea Gugger, Victor Colmenero Mir, Laia Alberich Casañas, Louise Douet-Sinenberg, Vincenzo Mazzone, Clara Calero

Production: Katharina Wallisch
Production Office: René Dombrowski
Production Intern: Friederike Aps, Raquel Moreira
Administration: Susan Ramroth
Tour: Ricardo Frayha
Project Coordination Doppelpass: Anne-Kathrin Schmidt // Katharina Wallisch

Special thanks to the eyewitnesses Hanna Günzler, Ursula Henning,
Nora Lang und Ingrid Schulz.

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The Physical Shelter – Workshop with Lisi Estaras & Nicolas Vladyslav

In the context of DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE – the international symposium on the critical reflection of body, sound and space in the city, Lisi Estaras & Nicolas Vladyslav (Les Ballets C de la Be) will give a workshop in Studio 44.


Movement is the base, the primordial instinct like a shelter is. We can express in our own unique way what we live and feel. We can translate our thoughts into movements, and make a simple dance became extreme. We can interact with others, become intimate, hide. All of this within the frame of our body, this is our only shelter.

The class will start with a general warm up and then we will work with short compositions and improvisations. On the second day we will recapitulate in a short showing what we had worked on.


26. SEP 2014 | 14:00 – 17:00 and 27. SEP 2014 | 15:00 – 18:00 at Studio 44 // DorkyPark


Registration is now open. Please send an email to
Workshop fee: 80,00€


Lisi Estaras

Lisi studied dance in Cordoba (Argentina) and later on in Jerusalem in the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance. Later on she danced with the Ensemble Batsheva in Tel Aviv.Since 1997 Lisi works with les ballet C de la B. She danced in Iets op Bach, Wolf, vsprs, pitié!, C(H)ŒURS by Alain Platel, and Tempus Fugit by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.Through the years Lisi developed her own work; she created and performed in Bartime (Campo, Ghent), Cocina Erotica and No Wonder with Constanza Macras (Schaubuhnne, Berlin).At les ballets C de la B she directed Patchagonia, Bolero, The Gaza Monologues, primero and her latest piece, Dans Dans;  in coproduction with het Kip (Ghent).

Nicolas Vladyslav

After being formed at the circus school of Amiens, Nicolas Vladyslav discovers dance, first in New-Caledonia with Sylvie Coqueugniot and Thierry Bain. After a ballet training at the Arts College of Boulogne, he studies contemporary dance at the Arts College of Lyon. During his training, he dances a role in a production of Jean-Claude Galotta. He starts his professional career as a dancer in Ondes de Choc (2000) of Denis Plassard. After a while he moves to Belgium to participate in the creation Utopie (2001) of Michèle-Anne de Mey. He establishes himself in Brussels and  meets Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui . He dances in Foi (2003) and Tempus Fugit (2004) en co-creates with him Corpus Bach, a duo accompanied by cellist Roel Dieltiens, which premieres in Bruges in 2005. He assists Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui for ballet productions at  the Monte-Carlo Ballet (In Memoriam, 2004 and Mea Culpa, 2006), at the Grand Théâtre de Genève (Loin, 2005) and the Ballets Cullberg in Stockholm (End, 2006).In 2005, he creates with Constanza Macras and Lisi Estaras, the trio No Wonder.  In 2006, he and Ali Thabet form the duo Transportés, which presents a creation in Nouméa (New-Caledonia). He returns to les ballets C de la B to dance in Patchagonia (2007) and primero-erscht (2010), creations by Lisi Estaras.Nicolas Vladyslav is teaching in the company of Michèle Anne De Mey and he is asked regularly to give workshops.


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Dancing About Architecture Symposium

We are preparing the symposium Dancing About Architecture – International Symposium On the Critical Reflection of Body, Sound and Space in the City at the moment. It will consist of talks, a workshop and shows and takes place from 24. – 28. SEP 2014 at Schaubühne // Studio 44 Dorkypark & ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory.

Dancing About Architecture – International Symposium On the Critical Reflection of Body, Sound and Space in the City

curated by Constanza Macras and Lukas Feireiss

Funded by Schering Stiftung and in cooperation with ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory.



Forces of the city clash with forces of bodies, that consciously and unconsciously articulate and exaggerate the manifold sensitivities within an ever-changing urban society. Against this backdrop, the international symposium Dancing About Architecture curated by Constanza Macras and Lukas Feireiss, brings together diverse positions in the interdisciplinary discussion of dramaturgy, dance, music, architecture and urban space.

The complete program and details can be found: here


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ON FIRE showing at GALLERY MOMO, Johannesburg



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Workshop TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA 2014 with Constanza Macras


Workshop with Constanza Macras during Tanzwerkstatt Europe from 30. July – 3. August 2014 in Munich.

In the work with her company Dorky Park, Constanza Macras combines text, live music, dance and video. Her choreographic lab will deal with questions relating to “casualties” and “daily life”. How can the elements of our daily life discomfort us? What can place trivial situations in daily life into a completely different or larger context – always with the potential to irritate our everyday behavior? On the basis of improvisation and experiments with various theatrical methods, the participants will develop their own material.

Additional information as well as the registration form can be found on the website of

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MEGALOPOLIS at Schaubühne

MEGALOPOLIS, for which Constanza Macras was awarded with the FAUST as “Best Choreography”, will be shown at Schaubühne, Berlin on 20. – 22. June 14.

Infos about Megalopolis // Tickets via Schaubühne

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Rent STUDIO 44 for your project



The STUDIO 44, Constanza Macras | DorkyPark’s company space is available for rent. Our studio is suitable for all kind of different events.

Rehearsals // Fine and performing arts // Photo shoots // Film and TV productions // Band rehearsals // Workshops // Exhibitions // Parties //


Check out the info-page of STUDIO 44, where you will find additional information and available dates to rent the studio.

We offer a discount for bookings in May.

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ON FIRE: HUMAN REMAIN(S) by and with Athena Mazarakis, Anouk Froidevaux & Emil Bordas

25. // 26.4.2014 // 20h00 – HUMAN REMAIN(S)

by and with
Athena Mazarakis, Anouk Froidevaux & Emil Bordas

Tickets: 10,00 // reduced 8,00
Seats are limited, so reserve your ticket quickly at


Human Remain(s) is the intersection of three responses to the violence of ‘othering’. The performer-creators Emil Bordas, Anouk Froidevaux and Athena Mazarakis draw on their own contexts and their personal relationship to tradition to enter a conversation around the ways in which tradition regulates bodies and bodily practices and shapes individual experience. A series of installation-based vignettes creates a remote space in which this conversation is made possible.

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ON FIRE: SIFELA I AYIKHO by and with Zanele Muholi, Maureen Velile Majola & Jelena Kuljic

5.4.2014 // 19h30 – SIFELA I AYIKHO

by and with
Zanele Muholi, Maureen Velile Majola & Jelena Kuljic

Tickets: 14,00 // reduced 9,00 Seats are limited, so reserve your ticket quickly at


The performance SIFELA I AYIKHO - which is a Zulu expression translated loosely to WE ARE BEING KILLED FOR NOTHING - is exploring parts of South African social landscapes in which the lives of black lesbian and trans women in South Africa, including our own, is always exposed to danger.

The project is an effort to reclaim citizenship and is also a call for an end to queercide, a term coined by Zanele Muholi for the systematic atrocities and hate crimes against lesbians, gay men and trans people in South Africa.

The project is motivated by the ongoing epidemic of brutal murders of black lesbians in the post-Apartheid South Africa.

We are in a crisis.
One lesbian death is a loss to the entire nation.
Children have been orphaned by hate crimes.
Lovers lost their beloved.
Family members mourn their relatives and children.
The workplace and classroom is robbed of its professions.

South Africa’s democratic laws instituted by the Constitution of 1996 are meant to protect the LGBTI community from all forms of discrimination, but our communities have been invaded by an epidemic of violent hate crimes, including callous murders and ‘curative rapes.’

Therefore we need to take action as concerned members of larger the society.Innocent individuals have been dismembered due to sexuality and gender expression.

The performance takes form of a stage protest, poetry, song and musical instruments are used to emphasize the ongoing incidents.

The performance will expand on an existing body of work that documents hate crimes against black lesbians that Zanele Muholi developed since 2004 and consists of three parts:
PART 1 – Blank Portraits
PART 2 – Crime scene memorial (motion picture)
PART 3 – Previous Film titled ‘Isililo’ – projection

Zanele Muholi is a visual activist born in Umlazi, Durban and currently lives in Johannesburg. Studied Photography at Market Photo Workshop, Newtown, Johannesburg and later, MFA: Documentary Media at Ryerson University, Toronto. Muholi is the founder of a collective call Inkanyiso with a Queer Art Activism media outlet. She has contributed her photography to many queer and art publications and academic journals.

Maureen Velile Majola is an activist, poet and writer from Alexandra township, Johannesburg in South Africa. She is a young feminist and currently associated with Coalition of African Lesbian (CAL) as the Documenting Officer. She is a crew member of founded by Zanele Muholi.

Jelena Kuljic was born in Serbia and moved to Germany in 2003 to study singing at the Jazz Institute Berlin. Along with her own band, Yelena K & The Love Trio (Double Moon Records 2010), she has been a featured guest in many music and theatre projects through-out Europe. Jelena has worked extensively as a singer and actress with the director David Marton. Some of the their productions have included such important theatres as Vienna’s Burg Theater, The Royal Theater of Copenhagen, Volksbuehne Berlin, MC93 Paris/ Schaubühne. Since 2013 Jelena is working with Constanza Macras/Dorkypark. In March 2014 Jelena’s band KUU! is releasing their first album Sex gegen Essen.

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ON FIRE: WENA MAMELA by Mamela Nyamza // MANDIOCA by Lucky Kele & Ronni Maciel // IT ALL DEPENDS – movie program at ARSENAL

This weekend we continue our artistic exchange program ON FIRE with two showings in the STUDIO 44 on 28. & 29. March 2014

Additionally we feature the film program “It all depends” curated by Marie-Hélène Gutberlet and Tobias Hering in the ARSENAL – Institute for Film and Video Art on Sunday, 30. March 2014.

28. / 29. MARCH 2014 @ STUDIO 44


Between the inhabited body of the ritual and the rituals of the technical performance, a duo work at the moving edges of trans/cendant states and immanent formal virtuosism. Lucky Kele and Ronni Maciel will interrogate what moves them and how to move together.

Lucky Kele specializes in traditional and contemporary African dances. He grew up in Katlehong (ZA), a township in the East Rand known for its criminality and poverty. He translates the memory of a rough childhood in his tormented dance. As a choreographer he conceived many works that have been presented in various festivals in Africa, the US and Europe.

Ronni Maciel was born in Carmo, Brazil. He studied ballet in Rio de Janeiro and danced for the Balé Teatro Guaira, the state ballet of Curitiba, Brazil. In 2006 he joined the company of Constanza Macras/DorkyPark and moved to Berlin. In 2013 he choreographed the German premiere of Chico Buarque’s “Ópera do Malandro” at the Neuköllner Oper Berlin. In the same year he co-choreographed and performed in the film Anahí’s Room by director Ivalo Frank. Ronni’s latest solo piece, “Diversion”, premiered at Platforma in Berlin, 2013.

21h00 – WENA MAMELA by and with MAMELA NYAMZA

If you don’t wash the dishes, no ballet for you today.
But I took my swimming costume and ran …
Me and her, you and them, us both.

Mamela Nyamza was born in Gugulethu, Cape Town. She trained in contemporary dance and Ballet in South Africa and at the ALVIN Ailey American Dance Centre. She’s been developing her own artistic practice through choreographies that deal with important political and societal issues of today’s South Africa. Mamela has presented her work in various dance festivals in both Africa and internationally. She won the STANDARD Bank Young Artist Award in Dance 2011.

30. MARCH 2014 // 12H00 – 18H00 @ ARSENAL – Institute for Film and Video Art

Re-encounters with African cinema in joint film viewing sessions are a central component of the translocal research project Visionary Archive. On 30.3 four South African artists will be our guests. They are currently resident artists of the Constanza Macras/Dorky Park’s performance project “on Fire” in Berlin. The films MUEDA, MEMORIA E MASSACRE (Mozambique 1979) and COME BACK, AFRICA (SA/USA 1958) will open up associative approaches to discuss body politics, working on history and the role of performance art in “stating the plurality of singularity” (A. Mbembe) in southern Africa, with Lucky Kele, Mmakgosi Kgabi, Zanele Muholi and Mamela Nyamza. (Link)




Combined tickets for the showings in STUDIO 44: 16,00€ // reduced 11,00€
Tickets for the movie program in ARSENAL via Arsenal cinema (Link)

Please note that tickets for the showings in STUDIO 44 are limited so book yours now at

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